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Aug 24

Do you know Charlie in the Box? You should!


About Charlie in the Box! I’m neither a republican nor a democrat, not rich or poor, black or white, I’m your brother, and I’m your son. I’m your cousin, I’m your uncle. Giving my perspective to the American public about everything, including government and things that we all deal with in our everyday life. We all could feel it in …

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Feb 07

Who,What Where and Why

I had a post in progress a few days back, took a break to check out some blogs and found this! This is what I had started, but since Ranger Squirrel already had it posted I’m a relative newbie when it comes to preparedness, but I’ve learned a lot in the year or so that I’ve been slowly building …

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Apr 21

San Diego Preppers

Hello Preppers, Next Saturday April 28 San Diego Preppers will be gathering in order to share ideas, tricks and trades. If you are in the area we would love to meet you and prep with you. For more information go to Related posts: