Apr 21

San Diego Preppers

Hello Preppers,

Next Saturday April 28 San Diego Preppers will be gathering in order to share ideas, tricks and trades. If you are in the area we would love to meet you and prep with you. For more information go to http://www.meetup.com/San-Diego-Preppers/


  1. Ed

    Hi, my name is Ed.
    I have something I think a lot a preppers may be interested in but have no idea how to get it to them. I have available thousands of PreCast Concrete Reinforced Pipes. They range in size from 18″ Diameter to 84′ Diameter. They are 8′ long. These are NEW UNUSED INVENTORY. I can sell this material for ONE DOLLAR PER INCH!! That means a 18″ pipe for only $18 all the way up to and 84″ pipe for ONLY $84. If you have ever priced reinforced precast pipe you know the price of 84″ pipe is in the thousands of dollars.

    What I am looking for is someone with enough money (and a place to store this material) so we can make it available to preppers. This 84″ pipe is awesome for cistrines, underground storage bunkers or shelters.
    Smaller sizes can be used for arms caches, food storage etc.

    This material WILL NOT LAST, so we really need to act fast. I have an arrangment with a demolition contractor that is in the process of demolishing a major SoCal pre-cast processing plant. The yard currently has 1000s of pieces of this material.

    If anyone out there has any idea of someone that may be able to take advantage of this situation please give me a call 951-491-4284 or email me at eamennig@yahoo.com

  2. Quintin Graves

    I’m selling a portion of my bug-out fuel (I traded in for a more fuel efficient vehicle). 8 metal NATO cans (5 gal/ea). Green. Full of fuel (87 Octane). Stabilized with STA-BIL (will stay good for years – stabilized in Dec ’12). $60/ea. Text or email for details. — in San Diego.

    quintin.graves@gmail.com 858-946-6890

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